Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden

It's arrived!

My new Mac Mini and matching Iomega 250GB external disk drive have arrived. The boxes they came in were so small my mum chased the UPS guy up the drive because she thought he'd just brought a couple of accessories and was about to leave without giving her the box with the actual computer in it! Here is how my home desk looks right now as I wait around impatiently for the data to copy across from my old iBook:

UPDATE: It's now up and running and I'm happy with it so far. I wouldn't call it blazingly fast, but it is certainly a big improvement over my G4-800 iBook. Mind you, it is still doing the initial mdimport (indexing every file on the system for the Spotlight search facility) as well as a set of software updates in the background, so it will probably speed up significantly once those have finished. The Rosetta emulator appears to be flawless. I can't tell which apps are running in x86 mode and which are emulated PPC; both are faster than they were on the iBook. This is the second time Apple have pulled off this feat: I remember it used to be possible to seamlessly run 68K software on early PowerMacs faster than on a real 68K Mac. The dual cores definitely seem to help with foreground responsiveness while heavy tasks are going on in the background. I've always had a soft spot for SMP, but you used to have to buy a big hulking tower PC or a fantastically expensive Unix workstation to get it. Little things like rendering web pages, resizing windows, scrolling, and Expose are now much quicker, and I can finally watch video on YouTube without dropping frames! I'm going to name it Dors after Dors Venabili, Hari Seldon's android wife in the Foundation novels. This fits in with my pattern of naming machines after robots and AIs (my iBook is Giskard, my test box at work is Daneel, my home gateway is Marvin, my home router is Holly, my Mum's iMac is TalkieToaster, and I have a couple of servers at work called Troy and Bender).
Tags: apple

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