Alex Holden (alex_holden) wrote,
Alex Holden


Things that are broken:
  • Fenchurch's oil pressure warning light sensor. The pressure is still OK according to the gauge but the light has started coming on at anything below 40PSI (ie. at tickover). I think it's supposed to switch at 21PSI.
  • The national blood service. Specifically, inviting me to a session then turning me away at the door because they suddenly decided to only do people who had booked an appointment in advance.
  • OSX MAME's pause control. If I pause a game and then go and try to write an email or something, it unpauses every time I hit the 'p' key even though it hasn't got the keyboard focus.
  • The Morris Minor Owner's Club forum. It's been going up and down like a donkey pump for about a week now and it's becoming quite annoying.
Tags: morris minor

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