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Hijinks Ensue

AKICOLJ: scanners for Mac

Can anyone recommend a good USB flatbed scanner with decent Mac OS X support? I don't need one with a document feeder.

[b]ETA:[/b] I've ordered a Canon CanoScan LiDE 600F.


I don't know about "good", but I'm using the scanner that's part of my Canon MP150.

Actually, scratch that: as a printer, it's less than impressive.
Yes, I try to avoid multi-function units. Also I plan to eventually get a colour laser printer. Unfortunately my 15 year old HP Laserjet 4 refuses to die however much I abuse it! :D
Our Laserjet 6L is much nicer than the decade-newer MP150. But alas it's on its last legs (paper feeder pad has started shoving multiple pages through again). Plus, no USB. :-(
I use a canoscan lide 500f. There are more modern versions available in their range but its mac support is fine. Updates to drivers and support software can be downloaded from Canon's site.
Thanks, I've seen a few recommendations for the Canoscan Lide series.